Got this beaut in the mail earlier today, I hope I didn't piss any UK UGers off on Saturday night when I snipe bid and won this on eBay with 15 seconds to go!

Shes a Japanese made RG7621 from 1999, with a custom natural finish (factory was either black or white *yawn*) and currently wired up to just the bridge pickup, an EMG 707.

So without further ado and waffle, money shots:

First impressions are good overall, it sounds immense. The finish is not a professional job and could probably do with a bit of touching up but its fine for the time being and looks pretty cool I think.

The hardware on this thing is great. The Gotoh tuners feel very firm and the solid fixed bridge seems to give this thing immense sustain.

Plenty of Japanese quality on show, the neck pocket is nice and tight and the thing is a dream to play. Very thin neck and not too much difference in feel to a 6 string.

Sound wise this thing sounds darker to my ears than basswood guitars ive played through my amp in the past, maybe the Japanese use better quality basswood or something but it certainly has a more focused bottom end more usually found from Alder. I love it!

So, im thinking ill probably ditch the EMG 707 and slap a suitable DiMarzio in the bridge to compliment the currently unused Blaze 7 at the neck.

Now, please excuse me while I go find a use for this extra string
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heh somebody finally bought it!

HNGD mate,

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nice bro! the next guitar i want to get is a 7 string. i took the Seymour bridge out of my Jackson and put in a DiMarzio Super Distortion. love it.

PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
if anyone on this thread is looking for a 7 string im selling my mint condition shecter hell raiser C7!!!!!

tell me if your interested in buying
Goddamn that is one beautiful 7.

HNGD dude
You know, you're probably reading this saying "Hey, I'm bored, maybe this'll be funny?"
It's not. Too bad. No, I am not refunding you those 6 seconds of your life. So :P

Funny how they make the wood look like Korina with that finish

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It doesn't look entirely different from my 7620:

Happy NGD
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
Nice i saw that one before its been on ebay for a while was quite overpriced at one point. How much did you pay for it in the end?
Good guitars though.
I got it for pretty much the same price as a modern 7321, with a UV1000C case worth £100 included, plus the upgraded pickup, so im happy. Ive played a few new 7321s before and this 7621 is miles ahead.

I watched on eBay a few months ago but couldn't really afford it at the time so I was beyond happy when it popped back up!
Hngd! Yumm
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Quote by Bonsaischaap
It doesn't look entirely different from my 7620:

Happy NGD

Thats probably because they're pretty much exactly the same apart from the 7621 being a hardtail

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