Alright, 2 years of playing and I can still barely use my pinky when playing guitar. Is there some trade secret that I haven't heard of? I'm learning Holy Wars: The Punishment Due...and being able to use my pinky would make this song a lot easier for me.
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Just play stuff that involves the pinky. I've been playing 4 years and I'm just now starting to utilize my pinky.

An exercise I do that helps me out goes something like this...

D| 0-3-6-0-3-6-0-3-6-0-3-6-0-3-6--

just chugging along and doing that helps me out. Then I'll switch it up and do this...

D| 0-3-5-6-0-3-5-6-0-3-5-6-0-3-5-6

And I'll alternate between those two little chugs, and I've noticed my pinky has gotten better.

But I'll still throw in what everyone else is going to tell you: Practice always makes perfect.
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Trade secret?

What were you doing with your pinky for the past two years? I cannot imagine never using it at all.. The only way youre gonna be able to use your pinky better is simply by using it.

Do you practice legato at all? Ive found that since I started doing a simple 5-10 mins of legato practice/warm up, that is, hammer on and pull offs slowly to a metronome, up and down the strings REALLY loosens my fingers up and gets them moving around like nobodies business. I tend to abuse my pinky in this respect, try it out yourself.

I do a pattern of

1-h4, 4-p1
2-h4, 4-p2

each note on the beat, so itd be something like 1 hammer 2 3 pulloff 4

go up and down every string doing this. Do it SLOWLY! Make sure each hammer on and pull off sounds out as loud as the picked note prior to it. Really hammer down and pulloff, make sure its all in time and the sound levels are even throughout.

I promise you, if you do this for 5-10 mins a day you WILL see results.

I do this for all my fingers, and really its worked wonders. Best exercise Ive found to date.

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you apparently didnt use your pinky much over those two years. and my friend uses his pinky for octaves and the 3rd and 5th of chords, instead of your ring finger. try that? ive been doing it and it helps, as i was unaware of it.

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I'll be the first to admit I havem't really used it much. But I don't want to learn a few songs just to get used to using my pinky. I'll probably start doing your legato technique glenntheman. I probably would've either, but I don';t have enough $ for lessons so I didn't even know what legato was, lol. I really should save up some money for an instructer though. 2 years and the only legitamet music theory I know is 1st position, the e minor scale and techniques
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i've been playing for just over 2 years now like you have and i used to never use my pinky. what i did to fix this was just play and sort of scale that uses the pinky allot. try the c maj scale at the 7th position. so:

once you can do that fast play it again but this time start like you normally would and go down by 2 steps, up by 1, down by 2, up by 1 and so on. practice doing that in all of the different scales you know