i need to replace the tubes in my mig soon. from memory it's 4 6l6gc's in the power amp section and 3 (?) 12ax7 pre amp valves.

1. could this be causing an intermittent crackling, popping sound?

2. when the volume (not master volume) is really low or all the way up the amp is quiet, is this caused by bad tubes or maybe bad pot?

3. reputable tube brands? i'm in australia, too. where should i buy?

Is a mig an MG? Like a Marshall MG?

EDIT : Nah, just kidding a Sovtek Mig. For tube replacement, I'm not much of a handyman so I get my guitar shop dude to do it... It's like 10 euros for him to do it so I figure it's worth me not fucking up the tube wiring...
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I really, really, REALLY hope you guys are joking.

TS: I'm not sure about where to order them. What exactly is happening with the volume pot? Like give an exact play by play of what happens. Sounds like it could potentially be the pot. Does the Master work right?

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yeah, master works fine. for example if i have the master at 4 and pre-amp volume at really really low the amp is quiet, then when you bring it around past 2 or 3 the amp starts hissing at me, then when i bring it around to max the hissing goes away strangely. sounds like the pot to me.

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Yeah, that's definitely a pot.

It sounds more like the preamp tubes than the pot. It would be the pot if it happens whenever he turns it.
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