Hi, I have an Ibanez Guitar with H-S-S config, 5 way, 1 vol and 1 tone.

Im getting ready to replace the pickups with Dimarzio Fred Humbucker, and Virtual vintage heavy blues 2 for the single coils.

Im considering where it would be beneficial to add a 2nd tone control like the original Fenders have on my pick guard?

Also I was gonna use 500K pots for the Vol and Tone, and .22 Capacitor, but if I go 2 tones, should they be 250K or 500K?

Thanks in advance...
for an HSS, you may want to go with 250k pots.

The higher the pot, the brighter the tone, so at 500k you may find the singles to be shrill.

And as for the tone control, beneficial is all up to how you use it. If you use your tone control a lot, and would like the added versatility, go for it. But if you don't think you'd ever use it, and you couldn't care less about being versatile, then there is no reason to have another one.


If you go for 2 tone controls, give the humbucker a 500K and the singles a 250K maybe?Although Strats aren't normally wired that way. You could also just use a dual tone pot as opposed to two pots.
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