I have a jackson kvx10 since many years ( love this guitar) but would want to experiment with the double humbucker pickups on it. I mostly play heavy metal and neoclassical

I dont really know which ones I want to change to, can you at some site hear how different pikcups sound from different manufacturers?
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I really like the seymor duncans, found their demo page and SH-4 is definitely the one I want. I have a bridge and neck position on my guitar, do I just buy two SH-4 and switch them? By the way can you have different pickups on the both positions? And to what use?
sweden on tour
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No, you don't Wang an SH14 in the neck. Too much output. Generally the neck pickup has lower output. A good one to pair up with it would be either an SH-1, or Alnico II Pro.

What's your amp?


SH4 Bro

Also a Zacky from A7X uses a SH4 in the neck.

An Jazz would be a better combination with a SH4 Bridge
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