Hey all, thanks for peeking at my thread. I'm here today cause in ready for a new amp. I currently use a fender ultimate chorus and play around on a Marshall mg15msII. Personal opinions aside the fender is not the amp for me. I am looking for a tube amp, i would be contempt with a combo but a head for a stack is not out of the question. I would like to stay under $500 but could go over. I love to play angry music but have a strong fondness for noodling in the blues. Dimebag Darrel, Slash, SRV... you know all those guys everyone and their sister is inspired by.. so I'd like some suggestions! I've been looking at a Bugera v22 AND Jet City JCA50H head. I want 2 channels and would like reverb.
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A Bugera 6262? I've heard good things...
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yeah, they had a combo of a 6260 or 6262 at a local store and i played on it.. and i could not take the smile of my face but im just curious as to what some other people think.
im feeling the jet city...i might get one for myself..look at demos and tell me what u think
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the jet city does sound amazing, i watched one of the guitar world reviews on it and it was ripping it up. the demo might have only been the 20w though, I cant remember.