You have made me lose, so I will not click your link
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even now, an 8 year old could go download gorilla rape porn and jack off to it.
I'm like a black Dr. Who, Except I'm white

I only watch porn with names that are puns or have alliteration in the title...
...I hate you...

Seriously, why would you do that to me?
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I'm going to take this opportunity to initiate my campaign to replace the phrase "Taking a shit" with "Busting a grumpy."

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Disregard that,i suck cocks.
...I lost
I hope someone steals your DS now
^ was said while intoxicated, so don't hold it against me.

98% of teens have been around or used alcohol, put this in your signature if you like bagels.
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The game can't exist, there's no rule 34 of it

There is now. I hope I don't get banned for posting porn
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There is now. I hope I don't get banned for posting porn

I can't see it.

I mean, If I really use my imagination and tilt my head to the right I can see a baby climbing a pole and a guy with a floppy penis holding said pole.

But I think I've completely missed it.