Can you use the Roland GK3 Pickups alone and use that to make a midi signal or do you really need that hunk of junk GR-20 as well? I don't want to waste 300 dollars for a bunch of crappy General MIDI soundfont sounding instruments, I just want to make my guitar play midis notes into my computer so I can make more of Oscillator synthesizer sounds.

If not, what are some other cheap polyphonic guitar to midi devices?
No responses? Out of all the times I'm sure people would know something about the things I asked, I get no responses.

Can someone please help?
urm I think you can buy a little audio to midi converter for guitars which is quite cheap. It's just like a little box with an input, output and a tuner. Supposed to be low latency too. Not sure of the model/brand name though. Have a google and I will too in a sec, I'm a bit busy atm.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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Those are monophonic aren't they?

Yes they are.

I would think you could plug a midi input into anything that accepts it really. It's not like the pick up will only work with that pedal.
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I don't know how the GK3 pickups work though. How does it send the signal to the GR-20? I googled images and I don't see a wire. Is it a radio signal that goes to the GR-20?
The GK3 pickup connects to the GR20 via a 13 pin cable. You plug the guitar into the pickup then the pickup into the GR20 or whatever other unit your using.

The images you tend to find on the net for the pickup show just the pickup and none of the associated connecting cables.