Could anyone record me samples from Drum Kit From Hell?
I want them for like a metalcore/post-hardcore type thing, and I can't find any good realistic drum sounds

You want someone to actually sit down and record every different sample from DKFH? Just buy the damn software if you don't know how to use the free ones.
Quote by Smitty101
some people are nice... haha.

No seriously, why not just make some midi files with the drums you want tracked, and then instead ask someone nicely to render these with ez drummer or any software he/she might have at his/her disposal? I really don't think you realize what you are asking for here, plus, I'm pretty sure it'd be illegal on some level and forbidden on this site.

Also why is there goatse in your avatar?
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wow.. this is almost funnier than someone asking for torrents. its asking to mooch the samples that someone else already paid for with specifically tailored eq'ing and other studio magic.

and yea.. why goatse?
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Considering how easy it is to find various software on the net (if one looks) I find it highly amusing that you're asking someone to perform an illegal act for you.
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Plus anything from Toontrack is worth buying. I have had the opportunity to pirate everything from Toontrack but have bought it every time because it's all worth the money. The possibilities are endless when you have a Toontrack product in your toolbox. Buy it! It's worth it!
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