what order do i put these pedals in ? !!!!! >?????

I have some pedals that I'mm not sure what order to put them in.

avion octave

snarling dogg wah

electro harmonix big muf pi


fulltone O.c.D.

im really looking for a really warm thick tone w tons of sustain (ala trey anastasio)

thanks a lot
it's really all up to you. expirementing is key with pedal order.

that being said...i like my od before my fuzz, distortion in general before pitch shifting (others will tell you to but octave before distortion because it tracks better, but i think putting it after makes it more pronounced), and wah before distortions.

long story short: wah>ts9/ocd>muff>octave
I'd try Octave>ts9/ocd>muff>wah

I've never heard of the guitarist you mentioned.. so i'm not sure how much this'll help. But, if i had those particular pedals, that's the order i'd set them in.
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