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thats awesome. america sucks. i love how they put concept cars in their concept bus picture.

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What about if the bus needs to turn? Will all of the cars under it have to go along for the ride? Or what if someone needs to get out, but they're under the bus?
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First off, that's basically just a train moving parallel to and directly above the road. Second, making it a train is safer than having those moving walls by the road (unless I understood incorrectly). But to me, it seems that a car crash is way more dangerous when you hit a moving wall.
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I saw this on Yahoo but thought it was so silly I didn't read it.

Do you have any idea how fucking scary it would be to have one of those drive over you? And what happens when someone crashes underneath it?

Bad, bad things, that's what.
It's China, they don't care about safety. If that thing happens to cut 75 cars in half by accident every day the Chinese government will be happy it's proactively reducing congestion.
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your sarcasam amuses me

When I saw the picture I thought it was a bus for cars and immediately thought, "yo dawg."

Anyway it must be scary to drive under that, especially when the double-decker model comes out.
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It's China, they don't care about safety. If that thing happens to cut 75 cars in half by accident every day the Chinese government will be happy it's proactively reducing congestion.

Communists, they just want to destroy cars.
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I haven't yet decided wether this is awesome or stupid.
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That first picture made me lol.
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Cool. Not incredibly useful as long as trains exist, but still cool. I suspect fat people won't be able to ride the bus in china though, because the ladder you'd have to take up to the door just doesn't look like something an obese man is up for.

edit: Oh yes and safety issues, but it's China and they're overpopulated anyway. Years from now when we're a dying race because people just couldn't put a rubber on *cough cough* fundy christians *cough* genocide and population thinning will seem like a good idea. Why not get a head start?
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I guess that's one way to fix horrible drivers...
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This is a really good idea, as buses can often clog traffic. However, I know China is full of horrible drivers with no regard for safety whatsoever so there will probably be lots of accidents.

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Something tells me a big disaster will happen from this
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how does a rectangular bus go around a corner without effecting the space for cars under it?

also the graphics china is using to illustrate their prototypes seem to be from a 2001 racing game.
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I lol'd at the render.

edit: The concept is kinda silly. Did they not even think about this?
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This is awesome, but only if they use them on two-lane roads. Using them on wider roads would practically be calling for a string of awful accidents, because even if instructed not to you can bet some idiots would cross the line under the bus.

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thats like some sort of life threatening drifting test or something

i mean, when it turns, doesnt it just **** up all the poor cars trapped inside it (i read the title as "China Plans Huge Buses That Can DEVOUR Cars"), and the streets of china is no place for something that looks like it could destroy merging traffic
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I think it would work better if the walls were stationary and it was just a train...

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I predict they will expand this idea even further and add buses twice the height of this one, so you'll have four or five layers of traffic on the same road.
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Hi great thing China made, really hard wroking people, always try to improve this world for the betterment of human being, few points are coming my mind, is this bus will creat problem, when on turn, i thing chinies people are great, so definately they will have created its solution, this special busses will be moved on special designed roads. really marvelous chineas effort.