i need cash. simple as that. bills are due.

mesa triple rec great condition. with footswitch and slip cover. no tears, scratches or any thing like that.

4x12 mesa recto cab is in decent condition. no major rips or tears. looks like new if you are standing a few feet away from it.

$1400 for both, you pay shipping.

i will ship anywhere as long as you pay for it.
Wow, what a price. If I wasn't going to school in sept. I wouldn't hesitate to buy!
ya, i need the cash in a hurry. if anyone buys it within the next day ill even take 50 off the shipping and pay it with the money you give me.
Could you calculate shipping to South Australia? Very interested.
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Air Freight Service
Total Ship Date Expected Delivery to Destination*
UPS ExpressSM Freight
(Guaranteed) 1,951.72 USD

UPS Air Freight DirectSM
(Non-Guaranteed) 517.50 USD

UPS Air Freight ConsolidatedSM
(Non-Guaranteed) 477.50 USD
i think i might be ok with spliting them up if youre interested in the head. i can do 1300 shipped to lower 48.