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I've had some trouble trying to put together a band for some time now, but I think I finally have a solution. Before I pitch it to my speculative bandmates, I need to know a few bands that do a lot of harmonizing and use 2 vocalists in most songs. Like Alice in Chains, and System of a Down (in very different ways, the guitarists commonly do vocals). Anybody have any other suggestions for bands that usually have multiple vocalists?
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Bang Camaro has 12, I think.

EDIT: Isles & glaciers also Craig Owens, Johnny Craig, and Vic Fuentes
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Senses Fail, although in the studio, I think most of the tracks are recorded by Buddy.
Despised Icon has 2, but they're screamers so no harmonizing or anything.

Porcupine Tree, at least live, seems to have 2. I mean, the main dude still does most, but I think the other guy does more than just backing vocals.
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Underoath? Though the drummer's vocals have largely been phased out lately (I'm okay with this).


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Alice In Chains
Queens Of The Stone Age
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The Dead Weather does a lot of voice and call...
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The deadbeatS

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Atreyu and AX7 both have pretty much every member singing in different songs
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Older AFI
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Just saw this after seeing this thread; not really a fan of Broken Social Scene, but the last half is epic.
listen to vancanto, those guys are only vocalists and one drummer, its pretty cool cuz they make metallica covers , with voice instead of guitars!!!
My Bloody Valentine
Iggy Pop (at least on The Idiot)
David Bowie
The Specials
Band of Skulls
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The Blackout
Set Your Goals
Four Year Strong

The Blackout has a screamer (who also sings sometimes) and a singer (who also screams sometimes)

Set You Goals has dueling vocals. It's like two guys fighting eachother

Four Year Strong has two vocalist that sing kind of in turns

The one band that nails it better is The Blackout
apparently BTBAM is always relevant, so, that. But i think its actually wrong at this moment.
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Pixies (2, some would say 3 or 4)
Fugazi (3)
Sonic Youth (3)
They Might Be Giants (2)
TV on the Radio (2)
Nomeansno (3)
Husker Du (2, 3 if backup counts)
Dinosaur Jr (2)
Bad Religion (3)
Crass (3 to 5)
The Clash (4)
The Residents (numbers are irrelevant, they are infinite)
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