hey everyone
i was just wondering if string gauge made a difference in tone
i've only used .09 the first 3 restrings of my life and whenever i bought a new guitar and they came stock, then i switched to .11 for a while and now i'm on .10
i don't play in a band or anything i barely know how to play but for the most part i just practice mini-solos, you know harmonies and stuff the kind of stuff that usually go on the first 4 strings between 12 and 24 so i don't usually use the last string and the tone is pretty clear as you would expect it to be
but when i try to play on the last two like sort of playing a riff it sounds really muddy, do you think that if get .09s the tone's muddiness will go away even slightly?
what guitar and amp are you playing through?
its more likely that than the gauge of string
If you're using the same tuning, with different string gauges, you will notice a change in tone. Thicker strings in E standard will give you a beefier tone over 9's
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i have a bc rich jr v with sd jb/jazz and i'm not using an amp i'm playing in my headphones with a zoom g2
i'm playing in D
Going to lighter strings makes the low end more muddy, not less. Anway, the reason you have a muddy tone is because you’re playing pickups with a thick tone through a poorly configured modeling amp. Look up patches for your G2 online and try stuff until you find something that can clean up the lows and mids in your sound.
I'd recommend getting it set up properly if you want to change string gauge. Could be a number of things causing it to be muddy without a setup.
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i use the earnie ball heavy bottoms with the heavier wound strings. theyre great cause the heaviness means that riffage sounds really strong but the g b & e are still easy to solo and bend on.