hi, I need a decent bass to play for my church worship team. I'd prefer to spend around $400-500, and I'd like to have a versatile bass with humbuckers, preferably 5 string, because I like to rest my fingers on the lowest string. And I'd also like to play some metal with it. used is okay.

Oh and it has to look nice. Natural finish, spalted maple, or a quilted or flamed maple top. thanks for any recs!
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Just go to guitarcenter.com There's tons to choose from. I use a Blue Ibanez, and it works very well. I'll post the model tomorrow if you want, I can't remember lol.
What exactly is a church worship team?

Do you compete with other such teams to see who loves God the most?

On a sensible note, check out Schecter, especially the Stilletto series, they have 5 string models and at decent prices too.
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It sounds like a Traben Array Limited 5 would be right up your alley. Failing that, look used for upper end Ibanez SR's, used Spector Legend 5's, or Schecter Stilletto's.
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Guys, by "Church Worship Team" I think he meant that he's in his church's Praise and Worship band.
Well depending, for a lot of Contemporary Music you will not need anything too demanding on tone...on that note I would say spend less on this first bass. I used a Epiphone EB-O in church for the greater part of eight years and something of that caliber will suffice. But if you want something a little more "High End" well for better tone i guess i would say a MIM Jazz or P bass.