Hey ok about to attempt to pick up drums. I've sold most of my bass gear but after I sell my schecter bass I will have about $850. Unfortunately I dont know anything about what drum brands are good. I need to have an electric set since I live in an apartment. Can anyone suggest a quality (electric drum) brand or a set that could fit around my price range. Thanks a bunch.
your just selling all of your bass gear in order to attempt to learn how to play the drums? isnt that a bit drastic? if i was you id hang on to my bass and save up for the drums incase you get bored of em but thats just me
I believe Yamaha and Roland make good electric drum kits. Yamaha would probably be your best bet for a cheap-ish one.
I dont think its drastic. I simply dont get the same enjoyment out of bass as I used to. Why not try something new. Ill look up roland and yamaha brands. is there a floor price i should not go below to avoid cheap crap?