I have a $700 budget. I narrowed my preferences down to these three guitars:




I'm fine with a Floyd Rose, and I'm fine without one. I can't decide if I really want one, and I'm adept as tuning and restringing them, so that's not an issue. I'm looking for something that can do metal, though I dont particularly care about the new kind of metal tone that seems to be spreading... the one where the guitar takes up the entire mix and even then you can't make out what the guitars are doing. Something I can shred on, something i can play fast on, something i can riff on, something i can play more than just metal on, like idk, all the guitar virtuosos we all know and love (vai, petrucci, shawn lane, etc). A guitar that's very versitile, but not to the point where i'm gonna go from playing on stage with my hard rock band to playing in a jazz trio. Maybe a jazz fusion group, but not, stricly speaking, traditional jazz. Classical too, but more of the neoclassical stuff. And something that wont get in the way of somewhat complex chords.

lol... that being said if you think you can find something better for $700 or less (dont worry about tax, i got it) then go ahead and suggest it.
if you want to know which guitar to get, then go play them. its that simple.

dont ask us what guitars you will like more
I haven't heard good things about Dean floyds.

Versatility is not something you'll find in EMGs. Easily anyway.


That's the best I can do ATM, (Going to sleep after this post, heh) And I'd say if you're not crazy about floyds or you dont know if you want one, DONT GET ONE.

Even if you're good at stringing and tuning it, it's just necessary work.

And I think the thing about a jazz trio was a Skolnick reference? XD


Both are Ibanez's, first one has a Floyd Rose tremelo system, second one doesn't but has a locking nut and a some-what tremelo sytle tuning system on the bridge.

7-strings imo are very versatile, they can do either jazz or metal flawlessly and these are both Ibanez so you get that signature thin, shredder's neck. Also with the second one that leaves a little left over to replace one of the pickups if you don't like them.
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Quote by rickyj
if you want to know which guitar to get, then go play them. its that simple.

dont ask us what guitars you will like more

i was asking for advice, and they're available by special order only
actually, get a pair of EMG 60/81 and you've got an extremely versatile setup sound wise.

just got a taste of what the 60 sounds like, go play an ltd ec-1000 (or i believe the 400 has one too, but cant recall). its my favourite pickup around and is the single biggest reason why i bought the guitar i did. extremely versatile pickup.

but honestly, i'd go with a passive equipped ltd with what you have listed. look into the mh, h, and m series guitars if you like that shape. the 7 string with emgs might be a bit overkill for what you mentioned.

the jackson neck is something that is really hit or miss for people. i HATE it due to the paper thin neck and compound raduis.

the dean is okay. its not the best, but not the worst. cant complain. you may love it though
the 7 string all the way...if you want versatility you litteraly just added a whole nother string lol....i wish i had a seven and would envy the sh*t out of you if you got it...