I bought a guitar used, since the model that I bought (Fernandes MG-100X, if anyone's even heard of it) is a ton of money brand new, at least outside my price range. Though when I bought it, the direct mini-switch that originally was wired to a pickup was broken, hence "used", though I bought it with that knowledge.

Now, I believe the correct term is split coil...but...this pickup is two single coil pickups put together to form a humbucker, and the direct mini-switch toggled between using just a single pickup from the split coil, or both as a humbucker (sorry if I'm using incorrect terminology, hopefully you get the general idea).

How would I go about replacing the mini-switch? I'm not all that worried about finding the correct switch, but I'm not all that experienced with modifying guitars and I'm wondering if it's a simple enough job to pull off so I don't have to pay a professional to do it (I'm cheap, I know).

And, if it's simple to rewire, can anyone link/send/message/etc a diagram of how I would set it all up? Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
It should be relatively easy. It sounds like you can solder(?). this diagram should do: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WIRING_MOD_HB003/Guitar-Wiring-Mod---HumbuckerCoil-Tap-North-Coil.htmlx

There are other diagrams on that site that you could substitute for various combinations if you so chose.

For future reference the Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread is the preferred place to post questions like this. Thanks and good luck.
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