My girl has a piece of crap strat knockoff first act guitar...crappy tuners, bridge, and pu's. The neck is nice though and the body is solid. I thought it would be fun to upgrade this guitar, but i don't know if its worth spending the money. If the upgrades helped I could make it sound better than any other mid to high level strat. Obviously this is for fun and the practice of customizing otherwise i'd spend the money on another instrument. What do you guys think? Dumb?

I just want some good quality opinions and the reasoning behind them
depends on the wood really, and your preferences, if you want to make it sound better though, look into getting new pickups, a new bridge maybe a new nut and new tuners as you said. also look at getting the whole thing rewired, youl be surprised at how much of a difference new pots can make.
i wouldnt spend money on pickups worthy of a mid to high level strat.
but yeah i'd still upgrade it just for the fun and practice.
personally i'd buy knew tuners, bridge, pickups, and i'd shield the control cavity.
you should try GFS, get some cheap upgrades from them. one of those pre-wired pickguards may be a good choice
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