Hi All!!!

I am currently in the market for a combo/head that can deliver me with the sound Eric Clapton has had as of lately (2002-Present). I am aware that he is using the Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp as his main stage amp. Like most, I don't have the $3000 to afford that Amp! Lol.

Here is a link for the EXACT tube distortion I am looking for.
The tone I wish i could have is at 00:33 seconds and 2:19

Can someone lead me in the right direction and give me recomendations, perhaps a less expensive amp by Fender with a similar tone?

Second Question: In that video is Clapton playing the intro with the volume controls on his guitar low and then raises the volume for lead? Or is he switching channels?? I noticed there's no gain knob on the amp he is using. Does the distortion simply come from cranking that sucker up??

Thanks for any input!!!
you can get better quality clones of a '57 twin circuit for around 1000. dunno if that is affordable to you. http://ceriatone.com/productSubPages/AC5E8ATweedTwin/AC5E8ATweedMain.htm

for a similar tone i'd just use one of my music man amps with a little reverb and my OD pedal running in the front. i have 3 music man amps, i got all of them for ~500 usd. music man is owned by ernie ball now and they don't do amps anymore, but you can find plenty old ones on ebay. btw, leo fender helped establish music man and had quite a bit of input on the amp's designs. eric clapton was known for using music mans back in the day, in fact he ran a custom music man rig in the 70's and many of his customizations were adopted in the redesign for the early 80's, so capturing an 80's music man would be pretty similar to what EC ran back in the 70's. thats not bad for ~500 bucks.
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That sounds like a Fender Tube amp with an OD in front to drive it.
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