Hi, I've been playing my guitar for 4 years, but I am only recently new to customizing and changing pickups.
I would like to know, is it possible for me install emg-81 pickups on the bridge, and 85's on the neck, and still keep my passive single coil pickup in between these?

And if anyone can send a diagram of the electrics, it is an ibanez rg1451, would be much appreciated
Yes it's possible... whether you should do it is another question entirely.
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its possible but not easy to do youd be much better of either not having that pup on or adding a single coil emg in the middle
also those emg models arent splittable so you wont be able to have the 2and 4 positions like you have em now
Yes it's possible, but more trouble than it's worth. Active pickups require different pots than passives, so you'd have to use separate vol/tone controls for the actives/passive.
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Hey I built a guitar
would you really advise me to go to my local music shop? I think i would go there and ask them to install the pickups rather than try and do it myself
I wouldnt advise it, they will probably charge you loads for something that you can probably do yourself. I rewired my guitar, my prior experience was taking the jack plug off a lead and soldering it back on to understand what the hell i was doing. A second pair of hands was needed to hold the wires in place while i soldered, but with experience ive found im needing this less and less.
Try it, if you mess it up you can always take it to the guitar shop. If you send it there first, then there is no way to get your money back if you find out you could have done it yourself.