As the title said, have just received my new guitar!

1993/94 MIJ Telecaster!


I love it! I love it so, so much. Plays awesome, sounds amazing. I changed the strings straight away so it had sounds that little bit better from the first strum.

The sound: Has that tele twang as always, but also has a beautiful deep sound when switched to the neck pickup. I can always seem to find a sound i love on this. Played through my tube amp with a touch of reverb gives a great sound on any pickup. I was surprised by how little hum it had when i used it with distortion/fuzz/OD pedal. While not as fuzzy as when i use my other guitar (w/ humbuckers), it still packs a punch. I think it sounds the best with the OD out of all the pedals.
The feel is really nice and slick and the action is great. The tuners are Gotoh and are really good even though they aren't locking. I will have to have a go at cleaning the electronics because they are a bit scratchy at the moment.

There's a few dints here and there, but that's what you'd expect from a 17 year old guitar. I'm planning on changing the pickguard to either a black or mirror (jeff buckley-esque)

Anyway, that's all. Have a good night, folks!
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congrats! Teles are incredible instruments
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How much did you pay for it?

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That is a beautiful guitar. Teles are just love. HNGD!
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Sweet, love that color with the maple fretboard combo, what a sexy guitar
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Gorgeous. Teles are my favorite guitars.

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Congrats!! I love Teles!!

But I thought:

All New Guitar Day threads must contain two of the following three items:
-Pictures of your guitar (no google/stock images)
-An extensive review.

Threads without these requirements will be closed and the user will be given a warning.

I mention this cause I got a warning once for not fulfilling these requirements when I posted about my new Gibson SG Standard.
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Looks great, the cream isnt my fav colours for the tele but w/e

Would love to have one but cant justify it atall - just got a strat that I'm sorting ot

anyway HNGD
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Goddamn you Jackson you get an awesome instument for a steal while i'm stuck here with my Squier Bullet and my 1970's Hondo II plywood les paul copy. Nah but great catch mate
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wow that's nice.

congrats and welcome to the MIJ club.
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