What's the best payment method for Gumtree if you can't go and pick something up yourself? My mate says that he got parcel force set up to pick it up and drop it off at his house, but that was on ebay, so I could do that, but got no idea how to get the money to the seller.
I just don't want to send £500 over paypal and he says he's sent it when he hasn't, so I might be scammed?
I'd go with Paypal.

Means no exchange of bank details.

And yeh, when you get a tracking number. Make sure you let the seller know that you expect a tracking number etc, and when you get it - check it out!
You'd also want to get the seller's address details and a landline number if you can. For security reasons of course.

If someone is unwilling to give you that then I'd be cautious.

Also, make sure you ask for the odd extra image, and doesn't use stock images.

Use a google image search to help you with that.
Thanks, will do that then.

I need to make my own paypal account, do you just need a debit card for it?
I think Paypal can be set up for a UK user with a UK debit card. For some reason, in Ireland we have to attach paypal to a Credit Card only.
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You can set up a Paypal account using a debit card.

It's not like just paying for something online with your account details though.

You need to provide a landline contact number by which they can contact you and verify your info etc, or, if you don't have a landline number, they send you something in the post that you send back to them.
With Gumtree and Preloved, always deal in person especially with amps. Pedals and accessories are a different story.

I was ripped off once even though I dealt in person, the guy was a total jackass... which is surprising because why would you do that to another musician eh.
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