Alright, so i've been playing guitar for nearly 3 years now and i've been trying to seriously improve my skills as of late, having been on a short term hiatus for a while.

Anyways, the books I usually try to draw from, and they have been effective, are Fretboard Mastery by Troy Stetina and Complete Learn to Play Blues by Peter Gelling.
While these books are sufficient in what they teach, I find myself wanting more. I was thinking of running to my local music store and buying the so called natural companion to Fretboard Mastery, Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, but i'm indecisive.

Does anyone have any preferably down to earth, comprehensive books that they can recommend? I don't really mind if it focuses on a particular style, so long as I can use it to further my knowledge of music as a whole. Although I want to add that I would appreciate it if it wasn't too metal oriented. Love the genre, but i'm also growing a little sick of it.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.
joe diorio----intervallic designs....you see where you are in the first ten designs...if you go through the entire book...go back to the beginning and start over...now your ready for the first ten designs...

joe will take your playing to another level...and then some

play well

Awesome, thanks for the book recommendations. I've read a little about them and they sound like a good alternative.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please tell.
id second the advancing guitarist.
once your done with the chapter on harmony id also suggest mick goodricks Mr. Goodchord series.
theres also a modern method for guitar (berklee method) which is good for drilling fundamentals into your head.
I went into our local library a few weeks ago. I was on the hunt for some guitar books and music theory. I left with a history of acoustic guitars, a Beatles complete collection tab book, and a how to repair guitars book. So, they didn't have a lot to choose from :-(

And I must say, that Beatles complete tab book? The most horrible excuse for a tab book I've ever seen. There are tons of songs in this thing, but they are all in the wrong key and use the wrong chords. They do not match up with the recordings at all. I read some reviews on this book and it did horribly. Don't ever get it. Someone donated it to the library. I see why. It's useless.
"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast."

~Leonardo da Vinci
Lol. That sucks, man. I doubt I would've some how ended up buying a beatles tab book anyhow, It doesn't interest me a whole lot.

Thanks for the suggestions though guys, tomorrow is the big day. I'll keep a look out for The Advancing Guitarist in particular and probably the Jazz Intervallic Fundamentals too. But, ultimately i'm just going to see if they have anything particularly interesting at the store. If I do somehow come out with something outlandish and awesome, i'll definitely post what i've found.

Regardless, thanks for the input everyone.