I was wondering,

If I was going to put together a guitar, would I have to put a finish on it's neck and body? Or could I leave it at bare wood? Would this cause me any problems?

This looks unifinished.
Might depend on the wood. The main problem i have when building bodies from scratch, is that if the wood is soft it dents REALLY easily. If i push my fingernail into basswood, it might dent slightly, so if you knock it or something then its definitely gonna get ruined. What about tru-oil or something similar? This allows a natural finish but protecting the wood.
EDIT: Should point out there may be other reasons, but this is the first one that pops into my head
That guitar would probably have an oil finish or clear lacquer. You need to finish a guitar since without a finish it'll be more susceptible to changes due to temperature and humidity.
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Looks ****ing fantastic. And even better with a black dahsboard. But will, it'll take damage easilier, be that physical or something like molding or what-ever. A little oiltreatment would do the job without ruining the look.
You should definitely coat it with some clear lacquer... the wood could warp and do other nasty things otherwise.
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well it's not my guitar but i used it as an example. what i saw at the local hardware store was some nice lacquer that had a mahogany kinda color to it. 1 layer would make it seem like on the pic, 2 layers darker, 3 layers even darker... pherhaps i could use that, i don't want too many dents and stuff on it, as i do tend to hit alot of stuff with my guitars. :p
Also an unfinished neck/body is more likely to 'soak up' dirt and sweat etc more readily than a finished one.
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