Thanks to all for your helpful comments
I have axed the Legacy Immortal from my shopping list based on your comments.

My final list is the Epiphone SG400 vs the Ibanez SA260FM.
I am looking for a guitar which is versatile, robust and easy to play.
They are both in my price range, with the SG400 being about $100 cheaper than the Ibanez.
I dont want to have to buy a new guitar in 12 months time, so I dont mind making the extra investment. It just means that I will want to play it more often.

Is the Ibanez worth the extra cash?

i would go for the epiphone...your gonna want another guitar after this one but it is versatile and is probably easier to play than the ibanez....and it looks better
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As a lifetime Ibanez player, I've had my Ibanez for years, and with the right amp? You can play anything from soft moody blues and slow jazz all the way to raging heavy metal with these babies. However, what I would do, is get a cheaper Ibanez model, and spend the extra $100 on some DiMarzio's. Stock Pickups are horrible 99.9% of the time.

Hope this helps mate, Best of luck
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if you know you are going to stick with playing guitar for some time to come, i suggest saving up a bit more and going for something a bit better range than the epi. i have a 1965 epi g-400 and have had it for little over a year and am already wanting to upgrade to something better (although its a bit of a pipe dream) but im still really happy with it. If you cant do this then i say go for the SG.
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Yeah, save up abit more for perhaps a proper gibson (Gibson SG special, genuine gibson with a genuine gibson sound, but its not overpriced :P) or ibanez.

If you dont wanna do that,

I suggest you get the Ibanez. Like Nick said, they're versatile aswell. So yeah, just go for the Ibanez man!
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the only problem with going to a gibson sg special is that, ok yeah its a gibson but the higher range epi SGs such as the G-400 can be in a way "better". change out the pick ups in the epi and you can potentially have a better sounding/feeling guitar.

ideally i would say gibson sg standard