Hi, as some of you may know I have already posted this but I was advised to move it into this section. So here it is:

I made my account in 08' but didn't do much with it. Later I got my Gibson SG special and wanted to show it off, so I uploaded some pics to my UG profile. I have now decided its time to upload some music and stuff but not sure how. I was wondering what I should do? If there's any equipment I need to buy? What is the best way to record? Any programs/ Best programs to use if any? Etc im.

For recording I use a Line 6 UX1 Toneport connected to my PC. It replaces the function of your soundcard and becomes some kind of external soundcard with improved recording possibilities for your guitar. It comes with software called PodFarm for all kinds of simulations of amps and sounds.

I had to buy a small converter to use the speakers from my pc though (1/4" male to 3,5mm female plug). Else you need real stereo speakers with the same plugsize as your guitarcable. The price of the converter is not even worth mentioning as it's costs nearly nothing.

The software i'm using to actually record my guitar is Mixcraft. It's quite easy to use. (it's not freeware though) You might want to check out "Riffworks" from Sonoma Wire Works aswell. It's freeware and should be able to record aswell.
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