Hi, as some of you may know I have already posted this but I was advised to move it into this section. So here it is:

I made my account in 08' but didn't do much with it. Later I got my Gibson SG special and wanted to show it off, so I uploaded some pics to my UG profile. I have now decided its time to upload some music and stuff but not sure how. I was wondering what I should do? If there's any equipment I need to buy? What is the best way to record? Any programs/ Best programs to use if any? Etc im.

You click on My MP3s on your profile page, upload a 128 kbps MP3 for optimum streaming results.

To record, there's a lot of ways to do it. You can buy a DAW, you can get a mic and interface and use software on your computer, you can buy a handheld recorder and upload it to your computer....Go to the Recording forum for more help.