I would like to represent Six Feet Media here. What is Six Feet Media?

Six Feet Media is a new generation of marketing that uses the power of social media sites (aka facebook, twitter, youtube and the like.) We take pride in every campaign and project we would take. It still is a new group but we would like to prove our ideas.

What could I do for you?

I can promote your band in a way that has never seen before. I'm I lying? You be the judge. I cannot disclose the whole information here as it could leak and ruin the chance of you being heard and exposed to everyone.

What's the catch?

Well, there is really. I'd earn from it though most of the money would pay for the server/hosting cost. You'd get the exposure you wanted so badly though and you don't even have to spend a single dime. You could from itunes or merchandises if you have those.


Mostly original songs (mostly English in language also), High Definition Pictures, Music Videos, Album Art, Lyrics, Band Biography, Personal Biography (for each member), Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Include other things if you would like, they're not all mandatory but each would help.

Contact me at sixtydayfaceoff [at] live [dot] com
Remove the spaces and the brackets. The whole information would be sent after you've contacted me. Please specify the thread/forum/place/person you were referred/came from.