Hey, i'm looking to buy a multi-effect, i had the Line 6 M13 and the boss ME-70 in mind, i'd use it mostly for delay, wah, volume boosts, the tuner, and occasionally reverb.
what would be a good choice ? budget is 400 euros max.

thanks !
Get the M13. While it doesn't have wah, it has some very real sounding effects. I have never heard a good sounding ME-70.
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Line m13 is awesome.
You also have the TC nova system, it's a very solid unit, but I'd prefer the m13

Edit: ^the m13 can do wah if you use the expression pedal
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m13 or nova i would say. If you get an expression pedal you will can set it up as a wah
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I would throw the RP500/RP1000 into that mix as well. I have the RP500 and it's incredible. The delay can be set up to be more or less infinite. The default setup of the pedal is for you to able to get the wah simply by stomping on the pedal. It's not as good as a dedicated wah like my crybaby, but it's not bad either. You can use the same pedal for volume straight out of the box. It's quite customisable, and this is where it really is good. The tuner is also quite good - I've never thought it was wrong.

Anyway, I've been really happy with my RP500 and it's gotten through plenty of gigs without a hiccup, so I would recommend you at least check it out.
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Holy crap, check this out!
if you have the money i would say get a pod x3. line 6 products catch a lot of shit around here but the pod x3 is alright. here is my proof.


killrbuckeye has a lot of talent and really shows off this pedal



the line 6 m13 is pretty much a pod x3, these videos should apply to the tone of both
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Quote by FRACTUREDx2
Get the M13. While it doesn't have wah, it has some very real sounding effects. I have never heard a good sounding ME-70.

what was bad about the me-70 ?

The M13 seems to be a good choice, I wonder how it compares to the nova system ?
The m13 basically has lots more effects where as the nova system strips back on the number of effects but you get much more control over the effects and each individual effect will sound way nicer than the m13's equivalent.

Quality or quantity? It's your choice.
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Boss GT-10 is the best multieffects board I've ever tried. I can't remember it's price, but if it does fit into your budget, go for it!
if you dont have a good amp then it is pointless buying the m13 since it has no built in amp modeling.
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i'm got the same budget and i think i will go with the m13. i just get the feeling i cant go wrong with it =)