Is there a way to explain palm muting textually i.e. in writing on this board??

Arg!! i have watched lessons, and even little kids do it on youtube AMAZINGLY but i just don't get it.

Mumford and sons do a lot of it and i need to get it right...

Put your picking hand on your guitar strings, usually the 3 thickest strings. Set up your hand so you are picking, just put that part of your palm below your thumb, above where your hand meets your wrist, ON THE STRINGS. Then pick, and it shall be the great technique known as palm muting.
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it really isn't hard, you basicly mute with your palm

use this part of your hand:

and place it on top of the strings while picking, note that the palm muting will sound differend according to how close you mute to the bridge and how much pressure you apply (should be nearly nothing, just rest your hand on there)

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You can also watch Slipknot lesson vids, there are some where you can see how they do palm muting very clearly.
How do you hold your pick? I've seen some oddball grips that I would imagine inhibits the average player's PM skills.
what they`ve said above but for best result you want to rest the side of your hand near the bridge saddles
Put the side of your hand on the bridge, then slide it up about half an inch and pick. Helps if you turn the gain on your amp up a bit.

As for how to hold your pick, I hold mine with my thumb and the side of my index finger, with my other fingers spread out, out of the way of the other strings.
try to place edge of your palm near the wrist ,near the bridge and then play . it will be a palm mute .
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How do you hold your pick? I've seen some oddball grips that I would imagine inhibits the average player's PM skills.

I agree with Concat. I have an oddball grip and it makes it difficult for myself to palm mute efficiently.
I found the descriptions above kind of confusing, though that's probably because I didn't really try to understand them.

1) Lay the side of your picking hand's palm onto the part where the string meets the bridge. (Depending on how much of the side of your palm touches the strings, the strings will ring out either more or less. Experiment!)

2) Pick the strings. (Normally this is only done on the lower/thicker strings, but it's not unheard of to do it on the higher strings. An example of this would be the Mortal Kombat theme song, which, by the way, is incredibly fun when you just learn it.)

Like what robhc said, increasing the distortion on your amplifier will help in sounding out the palm muted notes.

I've said this in 2 other threads made regarding palm muting, and I'll say it again. The song I Am Murloc by L80ETC is helpful in getting you comfortable to switching between palm muting and normal playing. Here's a link to the song on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOpdyytB3OY. Don't mind the video. :/
Ok dude:

Step 1) Karate chop your bridge
Step 2) Tilt your hand forward 45 degrees
Step 3) Metal

... slide your hand forward for more chunk, backward for more tone. 90% of PM is done on the bottom 3 strings, so your hand doesn't have to be straight as long as you have those covered.