I am about to buy a practice amp and would like some comment on the Peavey Vypyr 15 compared to the Line 6 Spider 4 15 watt

I am not looking for absolute punch, rather a machine which is versatile in the various sounds it can generate, faithful to the tone of the guitar being used and able to cope with being knocked around.

The Line 6 is just a splash cheaper about a $25 difference in the 2.

I like the sound of both of them and both seem to do a shitload of things. The Peavey has a tuner built-in, sort of worth $25.

with having to buy the pedal for the peavy I'd say just take the spider. If you get the pedal free then to me they are both pretty equal.

At the end of the day their both practice amps. Both sounded good to my ears.
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The general feeling towards Line 6 amps around here is that they're pretty awful. The Vypyrs, on the other hand, are rather well liked. So based on that sentiment, I would say splash out and get the Peavey.
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Post this in GG&A, but before you do I'll save you the trouble; Vypyr.
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spiders are critisized for their lack of versatility, which is true in my opinion.

vypyrs on the otherhand excel in this area. i'd say you should splash extra cash for the extra effects knob and get the 30w
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Spiders are alright, but you can get much more from a vypyr. Also a Spider's distortion is all digital-ish sounding, especially if you use it as a low volume practice amp.
No one can really help you on this matter. You must try the amps yourself and see what you like since taste is really subjective.

Some might say "-well if you like this amp you´ve got to improve your ear/pitch", this is a very immature and stupid comment, you would never of course put extra money on something unless you dont see any difference for yourself right? You are the one playing the amp, not someone on the internet

The reviews on both vypyr and spider are almost 8-9 out of 10 on almost everything so its not a bad amp. It _may_ be a bad amp if you compare it with some huge marshall stack. Its all about what you´re used to!

Someone who´s been driving a ferrari several years may never really like driving anything else afterwards ( that´s mostly the reason people here dislike spiders/vypyrs)

I really like the spider 4 because of the presets and the great sound based on its price. The vypyr is good aswell, tried that one but it was almost the same, a peavey bandit ss was better in sound , but I found myself playing with the knobs too much getting the sound I wanted
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Vypyr. I bought the 75. And after much fiddling I can get good tones out of it... but I'm replacing it within the next 2 months. Why? Trade in is gonna run out, not because I'm sick of it.
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The spider sounds too digital to me and hasn't got the range of the Vypyr
It's all about what you like really. The spider is too digital. I own a Spider III 15 and would prefer to have had a Vypyr. Now that i have a halfstack (even though its SS) it makes me realise how rubbish the spider sounded.
Definitely the Vypyr. I have a Line 6 Spider III 15 watt sitting under my desk here, I still use it occasionally if I want to mess around while I'm browsing the internet, but my Vypyr is just a much better amp in every aspect.

One thing to consider also is resale value. Chances are you will want to upgrade sometime, and the Vypyr is going to have a better sale value than the Spider.
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