Hi I have a markbass mini cmd 151p combo amp and would want to attach the combo cab to another amp. My problem is that the cable coming out from the cab to the combo amp is very short. Anyway i can pull it out more so that i can attach that to the other amp head
Does the cable disconnect from the cab? If so just get a longer one. You're asking if you can physically stretch the cable a longer length, which has an obvious answer of no.
I envy your amp! But Id suggest, if you cant pull the cable out and just use a longer one, you should buy a female-female adapter so you can attach another cable to the end of that one.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
i dont think i can pull it out

ya i was looking for female-female adapter but i wasnt sure which one i would be looking for cuz i dont want to get those one that are shield and kill my head....