Hi there, so i have this question, I have this solo ( but there are alot of such parts all over the stuff i play)
I have to play the 12th fret on the high e and then the 13fret on the b string.
It hard to put it into words what i want to ask but I'll try.
When playing these notes seperately ( play the 12th on e, lift your finger off, then play the 13th on the b ) it sounds ok, but since its a solo and it goes by very fast, sometimes i trike the 13th b before lifting my finger of the 12th e, the sound combine and i get this nasty, well rockish sound like, which i dont want since a solo if rapid notes.

NOTE: I just recently started soloing on an eletric, an an acoustic never gave me these sounds( just because it couldnt)

So.... I guess.. if the tabs dont say let it ring out, each notes has to be played and then dampened before i play the next or is there something up with my gear?

I'm relatively new to this all Electric+amp stuff, so heres a sample:


Is this normal? If so what settings on the map should i lower to get rid of this effect?
If not, what could be the problem ?
Try and lift your finger off the last string just as your pick hits the b string. It should sound pretty smooth. You can even keep your finger down on the E for a bit longer to make it sound more liquid, but don't keep it on too long or it will sound a bit too 'chordish'.
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You're pulling off your finger too violently - you end up making a pulloff.

Thats what im trying to say, im not pulling off when i hit the second note ( b 13th) i get this rock sound, and sometimes i dont...

Fret 12th on the high E and 13th on the B and strum, you get this sound? (w/ distorion) this sound is p*** me off, because now i have to play every note seperately, i cant leave my finger on the note for a small rest or else when i play the second, next note ill get this @sound@ which messes up the solo.
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Up Up i want this figured out

I'm pretty certain that what i said in my last post is all you need to know.
Maybe turning your gain down a bit would help to.
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