Hey fellas,

I wanted to promote my band ADLIGATE from Germany and would like to hear your comments regarding our music (or whatever else you wish to comment on).


You can listen to two songs from our upcoming EP called "A Prologue To Vigorousness", which will be released in mid-August. We sell our EP as well as our Shirts directly on our Myspace page; just send an email with your requests to sue@adligate.de and we will try to find the best shipment for you.

Our band exists since 2007 but hit the stage(s) about 2009. Personally I would categorize our music as a mixture of Rock, Groove, Thrash and Death Metal, which is a blend of all the personal interests inside our band. But it's up to you to decide.

Anyway, we would love to hear from you and it would be awesome if you promote our band to friends of yours of whom you think might be interested in listening to our stuff.

your Adligate-s
BTW, I was told to write this: We are using the TriAmp MK1 Amp, are there other users here who use this amp for metal stuff?