So, I've just bought a pedal board, when trying to stick my crybaby onto the velcro loops, I found that the rubber feet the wah has are too high, and prevent the velcro hooks reaching the velcro loops, so theres a gap between the two pieces of velcro.

As a temporary measure I've managed to stick it down using some sellotape and some cardboard, but I'd like a more reliable and more permanent solution, any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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I bought a wah used some years ago, and the dude I bought it from had wrapped velcro around the rubber feet and pierced it with the screws.

Couldn't you just remove the feet either way?
I prefer to use Dual Lock on my board. But as a solution for your problem, I've always removed the rubber feet from the screws, apply the velcro on to the bottom plate and screw through the velcro. The other velcro which attaches to the board should be as wide as the wah so as to cover the screw sso it doesn't scrap the surface of the board. Or you can use strips of aluminum and screw them into your wah and then screw them down onto your board.
I've had this problem recently. The problem is the screws in my wah are molded to the rubber feet. For a temporary measure I've put the same sort of velcro as is on my board on my wah and created a loop of the corresponding velcro, just for transport, as the wah doesn't actually move around when playing.

However as I said just a temporary solution. If I could be bothered I'd probably work on gettting the screws out of the feet.
On my pedalboard I made the wood just the right size so the screws went over the wood just a little bit so the velcro would work. It overlaps on the board but thats why I made it off to the side.

You can see in this picture...The velcro isn't on but you get the idea...The screws are just on the outside of the boards edge..

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just rip of the rubber feet, its on a board with velcro, not like you need them