I had the previous pod and bought the x3 a couple years ago. Going to start playing live again and i've been becoming increasingly frustrated with the pod lately. The tones are all so weak and lack any balls. You know how when you hit a string on a real amp you can almost feel it, it has power. the pod lacks that, the high strings sound weak and thin and the low ones don't have that power. I experimented with stuff like guitar rig and amplitube, while they do better with that power feel and have more balls that the pod, i couldn't get a decent tone out of either.

I REALLY don't want to go back to the old half stack solution for live gigging, or an amp period. It's too expensive and just too much work lugging all that crap around. Have to get the amp then the pedals then the constant tweaking, blah, i'm having nightmares about that stuff allready.

Is there any other amp sim like the pod that actually has some balls to it and does a better job? We will be playing mostly classic rock from the 70's and 80' so i usually have more of that type of tone going. A very George lynch or satriani type tone is usually what i strive for.

I've looked at the zoom g9.2tt and the boss gt10 is it? I've seen demos of them on youtube, glenn delaunne for example has some great sounding stuff on the gt10, but i'm just on the fence, maybe there's another decent product out there someone can recommend. The pod x3 can't be the best unit out there, at least i hope it isn't or i guess i'm going to be stuck spending a ton of money on an amp and effects and breaking my back lugging it around.
I think you might get pointed at the axe fx, but if you're bothered about cost it's not the unit for you!

If you're running the pod in a rack have you thought about buying a rack preamp then just using the pod for effects? That might help you out a bit.

At the end of the day if you want balls then you might just have to give in a buy an amp with balls - or get yourself a wangcaster. You can still use the pod for your effects.
[O.¬] - WTF?
i've seen the axe fx, the price is the first stopper, way to much. Secondly no way to demo it, no stores anywhere in this area carry it. With that kind of money on the line i'd just buy a classic marshal and call it a day.

I've run the x3 into some behringer truth 203 active speakers and a high end multimedia powered speaker setup. Sounds the same on both, in fact i thought the behringers sounded worse as they were all mid and high with no low end. I have yet to run the pod through a PA system but i assume it'll sound about the same as the truths. I've even run the pod through a fender HRD 4x10, that sounded horrid. Yeah i had it in the right mode.

My biggest beef is the lack of low end on the pod. The zoom unit i've heard on the net had very good sounding cleans but the distorted sounds were a little questionable at best. The boss unit, i dunno, really not jazzed about that one.
I know you don't want to go back to amps but you're going to struggle to get decent tone running a multi fx into a PA. Why don't you get something like a Peavey Vyrpyr tube? or a Spider Valve. It won't be that hard to move between gigs, will have all the effects you need, can change presets quickly between songs with a footswitch, and both will have a much better tone than the x3 direct to PA. They both run fairly cheap if you go used.

I didn't know about that peavey, i just gave it a cursory glance and it actually looks rather decent. I'm going to have to find a store that has one and check it out and see how it sounds, maybe i'll trade in my pod on it. I've heard the spider amps, not crazy about them. Starting to think i just don't like Line 6 products.