HELLo guys! I need you`res help, i know that all of you playing on guitar(and ,maybe, very well) so i want you to show me some cool solo(something like themes from game "guitar hero") to take my guitar playing for a new level .(to turn girls on)
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You want to turns girls on with a Solo??
Hey Dude, learn Wonderwall by Oasis or Ryan Adams ;D

Just Kidding..
What kind of girls?
Emotional, harcore Metal girls, Soft girls, normal mainstream girls..??
well if your playing guitar to turn on girls, you probably can't play the guitar solos that turn them on.
dude.. just learn a few quick tapping parts.. that always works.. like the intro to hot for teacher, or the taps from one.. or (if your good enough) eruption. its not that hard
no to turn girls on) it`s just got in my mind just a few seconds ago) i`m playing almost a five years on a classical and four years on electric guitars.
girls just like solos with fast finger work (if you can understand why..), or very melodic ones. any one will do really..
maybe you`re right some melodic maybe will be really beter then one of favorites Mustaine solos
anything dude.. my gf personally love to see me tap or sweep. (fast fingerwork) if you can throw together something that goes together, i suggest you try that.