So I bought a Hondo Fame Series Guitar Strat copy.
So it says Hondo Fame Series 7602 on the headstock. I googled it but I can't find much on it. I found information on Fame Series 760 but I can't find anything on mine. It has a different headstock than the 760 from what I've seen and it is black with white pickguard. It had three single pick-ups but I bought it with a double at the bottom that was clearly added on. The neck is maple I think. On the back of the neck is a darker piece of wood to cover-up the trust rod.
I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the guitar because I can't find anything about a 7602 version.
The guitar is clearly old because all the white parts on it like the whammy and pickups turned off-white which is a sign of age. But it can't be from before 1972 because that is when Hondo started making electrics.

From what I know Hondo is an American company that had their guitars made in Japan and Korea until later being made in America or China then became primarily made out of Korea until being bought out in 2005.