Sky is Black is the closing track on the Left Untold album which is done, "Hard to Believe" was dropped off the track listing, because more songs are betterererer.

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[11] Sky is Black.zip
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lol tdwp?
what an intro thats awesome, and so heavy
21 rocked my world to, omg
the riffs so far are very different and original sounding i love it
the effects are a little wird but they definatley fit
the chorus feels a little shorrt though
the solo feels a little under appreciated, like it needs to be way higher up the scale to cut the mix right and be put to its full potential
the rest of it sounds pretty good and full
that breakdown is amazing, but one little thing, those really heavy chords i used in my breakdown could benefit you well here because they would make the dissonant notes so much heavier and powerful
afterwards felt a little rushed and short, but that was definatley a good song, overall no big problems, just a few minor things and i think it may be a perfect song youve got on your hands right there
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I loved the Intro, it had great (for lack of a better word) doomsday feel to it and it just works.

I liked the main riff and how it transitions into the verse, it changes the feel alot but you made sure it still sounds like the same song, i really like that.

The pre-chorus was great, i got back to that intro feel that i really liked and sets up for the chorus great. I am confused what the triplets are in the vocal track though, they sound find but i dont have a clue what it would be as far as singing.

I loved the chorus and the contrast it provides with the rest of the song, the vocals are extremely catchy as well, it has a great uplifting feel to it. Easily my favorite part of the song.

Solo A was a little weird to me, the rhythm guitar was great but something about the solo sounded off time to me. But after you listen for a while you get used to it, i loved the harmonies that came in after that.

I absolutely loved solo B, i like solos that aren't just mindless shredding and you nailed it with that one, fast enough to fit the song but not without the slower melodic notes.

Solo C was okay, not bad but not great either, although i think it was necessary for the transition.

The post solo was good but it could have used vocals, just a though.

I loved the breakdown and the time signature changes, it is hard to make those feel natural.

Overall i thought it was great and loved it.

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