Hey guys,

So I've gotten to the point where I'm looking to get a new bass. After looking around I came across this : http://www.musicstore.de/nl_NL/NLG/Bassen/Elektrische-bassen/Fender-Deluxe-Active-P-Bass-Special-MN-Black/art-BAS0000327-002

Now seeing as I play a bunch of different styles (from pop/ska/jazz to drop tuned metal-ish stuff) I would like to know how versatile this puppy is?

Also, has anyone ever ordered anything from this store? I have no possibility to go over there and go get it myself, seeing as it's quite a few miles away. If you have ordered from them, did it arrive properly/without any damage and how are they with customer service?

Thanks in advance,

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Its quite the versatile bass, basically a best of both worlds between a P and a J. P/J pup configuration, P body, J neck, and a 3 band eq.

Can't comment on the store, but its a fine bass you've picked out.
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I would go for a Jazz instead, they are renowned for being really versatile, and they look classier.

No clue about the store, I would go to a more recognized dealer, but hey, each to his own.

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The main problem is that this is the only major store around here, apparently it's the biggest store in Europe. We don't have GC or anything like that around here, so if I were to order from GC I would have to pay a buttload in shipping and import taxes.
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what about Thomann?
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Hmm.. After looking at the Thomann site (thanks for the suggestion Gilly!) I spotted a MIM Fender 5 String Jazz Bass. ( http://www.thomann.de/nl/fender_mexico_deluxe_serie_jazz_v_blk.htm ) It's safe to say that it looks quite bitchin'! Any feedback about this bass, more specifically, how is the string spacing compared to a Cort? The Cort is played (a B5 model I think) had a relatively narrow neck, which is good for me as my hands aren't all that big.
Also, how is Thomann with delivery and customer service?
Ibanez SR605
Some 71' P-Bass
Orange Bass Terror 500 > Markbass 4x10