hey everyone

i've been touring with a Hip Hop act for a while as their DJ and i recently decided to start working on some club sets so i could eventually get some gigs in bars and clubs as a DJ. I'm working hard on building an extensive library of stuff to spin but continually finding new stuff that's dancefloor-worthy gets harder and harder every day!

I'm mostly interested in Hip Hop, electro and rock. Right now i have alot of LMFAO, Boys Noize, Justice, Black Eyed Peas, MGMT, M.I.A, Rusko, David Guetta etc... I'm trying to build around that sound of extremely electro, electro hip hop and gangsta hip hop.

So what have you guys got to suggest that you like hearing when you go out? I'm looking for artist names, album titles, songs in particular, spectacular remixes, knock yourselves out!


EDIT: Come to think of it, i'm pretty good with my hip hop. Let's mostly concentrate on the electro or electro rock stuff. but of course if you know of a GREAT hip hop act that i absolutely must know about, let me know!
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