Hai Forum,
I've been playing guitar for about a year now. I really like sublime, and I have trouble getting the tone that they use.
Here's my gear
Squier Obey Telecaster
Fender Frontman 212r
Zoom G1

Also, I'm not very good at the upstroking stuff. I could use some videos and tips on that as well.
Any tips would be wonderful. I haven't had time to check the other forums or this one to see if there's any tone tips, but I thought I should post it here. : D
Sublime= Cool acoustic guitar solo's, upstrokes, cool arpeggio intro's.

Which part is giving you trouble?

And for tone, sublime is mainly clean, i don't know what a zoom g1 is. I think its a multi effects but whatever. Maybe try a compressor to try and nail that tone.
Sadly I don't have any tone tips for you on Sublime, but as far as the upstrokes:
What I do for that kind of stuff is sort of lay my palm on the strings on the downstroke without actually picking, so it mutes the strings, and then snap upwards immediately after. I don't play a lot of Sublime, (although I might give that a shot now!) but I know what you're talking about. It'll definitely come with practice, I had a hard time with that stuff when I first started playing. Try playing along with the songs, that always helped me.
I cant really help with this...but Im seeing Sublime on the 19th

But it will really prob be more like this

Not me...but the other people...
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haha, I was going to go see Sublime on the 19th as well. (same concert I guess) xD
I got tickets to go see Slayer with my friends though. I have trouble with the intros and the chord progressions on most of the songs (ex Santaria Smoke Two Joints)