I'm new to bass, and I've heard bad things about the spider series of guitar amps from L6. Are the Lowdown amps bad as well? Thanks

Use peavey or ashdown amps. My big brother plays bass and he uses an ashdown.
The lowdown amps are probably decent starters, even though you could probably pick up a laney for the same price as an effects full lowdown. Which is probably better.
there not horrendous, i have a 15 w line 6 low down which is alright for a practice amp, never had any faults with it and you can get a ok sound on it.

i would never buy the bigger line 6 amps because there's way better brands when your looking for a gig amp.
Like it says in the Bass FAQ, the only bad brand to avoid is Behringer. Line 6 do make some good amps, however these good amps are always the more expensive ones.

However I agree with most people on here buy an Ashdown, My starter amp was a 2x10 Ashdown rig for £100 and I really cannot fault the thing I just wish the speakers were a bit bigger!

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Line 6 is fine. The Low Down's are actually pretty decent. There are other similarly priced amps I would spend my money on, but Line 6's bass stuff isn't half bad at all.

People need to realize that Line 6 isn't a bad company, despite the reputation of the Spiders. I mean, Line 6 ain't Markbass, but it ain't Behringer either.
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you could probably pick up a laney for the same price as an effects full lowdown
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As the owner of a Lowdown 175 line 6 shiny piece of crap I'd advise against getting one. However, they are infinitely greater than similiarly priced behringers. I'd say that line 6 was decent if they didn't riddle their amps with settings that make your bass playing sound like an elephant farting.
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the lowdown bass amps are great for the price! way better than the horrible spider amps! the line 6 lowdown 110, you can't get a better bass amp at that price!