Hey! I just have a question related to long playing ( like how long you have played ). This might seems like a stupid question but anyways. Lets say you have been playing for 2 years and then start working on some complex riffs and it take you like a couple of weeks to master them . Is it then logic that 1 - "x" years later you could pick up such complex riffs much faster like in 1 day? Same question about diffrent kind of sweeping. Cheers! Thanks in advance!
I would have to say it depends on the person largely. First you have to be the type of person who can memorize the notes and patterns quickly. Second it depends on how much you already as in, how much your muscles have memorized certain patterns.

As far as learning sweeps go, if you're an expert player that has never tried sweeping before, I'd have to say it'd still take a while to get used to it. If, however, you've managed to perform a few sweep patterns well enough, then trying new ones shouldn't be as hard as the first (depending on hammer on's and pull off's in the shape)

tl;dr it's all about the muscle memory
once you`ve mastered a technique you don`t have to relearn it unless you haven`t used it in awhile, i`m not learning any covers atm, `cos i`m too busy writing my own stuff which means i`m not having to copy someone else`s style, so playing a song comes easy,

if i was doing a cover last one was steve vai`s shy boy, it took me 6 weeks to get the song absolutely perfect, but that`s a very complex song.....so in answer to your question it depends on the complexity of the song and what techniques you`ve mastered.....
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