I have this guitar...

but i dont have the whammy bar lever for it, does anyone know where i can get one....or will this one i found on ebay be ok??? it looks like there is a thread where it goes in...
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cool thanks ricky....is 6 mm kind of a standard size 4 whammy bars????

They have a link to ask questions right on that web page. I can't speak for Peavey guitars, but I know between Fender & Squier and even Fender/Fender or Squier/Squier, things are not always the same. It might be worth asking them directly.

Although trem arms are cheap, it could save you the hassle of purchasing one that doesn't fit. (As I did, foolishly assuming a Squier bar would fit a Squier trem. Ended up being a Fender bar I put in.)
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I think most guitars are 6mm. At least, my Ibanez and my LTD are.

But you have the guitar, so just measure the hole.
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