Hi guys my band have decided they wana play some songs that require to be played in Drop D however in my opinion some the the songs wer guna do have boring basslines such as Facedown by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, normally id elaborate on it using scales and such but im now a bit confused as to what i can use as its in drop d. So just wondering are there any techniques or theory i could use to spice things up a bit in Drop D. I could just transpose it to EADG but then am i guna loose a lot of the bassy sound in the song?

Any help will be much appreciated.
well you just improvise the basslines, taking into account the bottom string... You could noodle around in key...?
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The tuning doesn't matter, as long as you're in key you can play it anywhere on the fretboard. The tuning just changes where those notes are.
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I always thought RJA played in Drop C?
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just downtune every string so that they're all fifths apart. then it'll be just like playing in standard, and probably less confusing. I used this method until I became aquainted with all the notes on the fretboard and it really saves a lot of time/frustration.
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I looked at the song.. For the intro, you have nice chords that you can play around with (A#6, D#add9, A#, F). Now, I wouldn't really do much with the intro, but take note: the verse follows the same chord progression as the intro, but as power chords. What you could do is use an arpeggio derived from the intro and use it as a fill in the verse.



foodit: oh the tab I used was in Drop C, but nonetheless... you just need advice as to what you could do(?) Being in Drop tuning isn't much different than standard, the other three strings are exactly the same as they were before. In simplest terms, your lower D is just a full step (2 frets) lower.
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Is it really a big deal? All you're doing is tuning the lowest string down a step, just play what you would normally, 2 frets up :/
RJA play this song in a different tuning depending on either single or album version i think.

So say i was playing this:

D: 5555555555555555

how could i jazz it up? Are the next positions on the major scale in the same pattern or have they moved?
ah since posting this more posts have been added, 'Lord of food' thanks for taking the time to do that. Thanks for the comments guys its helped alot
You could literally take what I have written and move it down a step (two frets), but I suggest that you do something like that on your own. You're going to have to look up what scale(s) the song is in, but I don't think it is in a major scale.

Foodit: it's in G minor, so use that scale for help. Make sure to adjust any chart/method you use to compensate your E now being a D (it will have the same position of the notes of the other D string).
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