2 Week beginner here. Looking for book/DVD to help me learn to play. I do seem to do better looking at chord and hearing it. Can you recommend DVD that I should get. Anyone hear of The Rock House Method? http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-MSI-FR00994 It any good? Any recommendations for me? Also like having goals sometimes when I practice base chords I feel I don't do enough or to much practice so having something set to follow would be nice.
If you go on youtube you can typically find segments or previews of instructional DVDs. Just of the top of my head I remember mostly watching Marty Friedman vids. He has one where he goes through about 100 or something tips for beginners ranging from first guitars and changing strings to chords and solos . (after looking it up its called Marty Friedman electric guitar day one, unfortunatly the only place I found it is here and its on VHS but I'm sure you can "acquire" via the internet in "other ways" )

Also check the Columns and Lessons section here at UG, but for god's sake please only read the ones that have good ratings and it wouldn't hurt to skim the comments. A popular one is this one, The Ultimate Guide to Guitar

tl;dr- check out youtube for video previews, or even good instructors (not a 15 year with a webcam) an check UG columns and lessons for help
It's all just a joke