This is the apoplexy of my answer, the riddle of the Gamma Law, 
a haemorrhage of the corpuscle of truth. We are delivered, the world hanging by a shoestring, 
a lace of cotton fibre. The truth…

The truth is there
				and there			and

	and it correlates to the viewpoint I have chosen to defend, circumventing

	the arbitrary notions of the brainwashed.

what are they
and why are they here
diamonds rough-cut and shewn
into something more than they appear

			Shall   we   dine   on   a   local   delicacy   ?

							We   shall   visit   the   Clinic   .

Anthropophagus is the lesser of two sins of the aborted body.

			Tastes better with less [font="Century Gothic"]blood[/FONT]

[font="Century Gothic"]They’ve killed us in our sleep and now they shower in our guts and mucous. 
The rats are hungry. hear them     s               c                          u                                   r
                                              r                                                y                                        i 
                                                   n                                                                    g 

The wine is bittersweet and the unkempt God of Jealousy is fixing up a storm. 
The battle-hard stand weary and dishevelled against the clouds. 

High above the clouds and far away they dream of nothing more than selfishness

Far below the clouds a dancer shakes her ass to a Foghat song no one remembers any more

This is the uxorious bed wetter’s dry dream, the semiological breakthrough for the deaf, 
the Hautein birdsong long before the dawn, but everything ever known 
becomes latescent in the illimitable passage of time 

[font="System"]					05:42  26  27  28  29  30  74  75  76[/FONT]

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interesting. very cummings-esque, but with a bit more elevated word-choice. this piece is intruiging. the scurrying bit made appropriate use of the 'word-painting' style. I enjoyed this.
I keep thinking about how I always compare you to Aaron Stainthorpe, and halfway through this it occurred to me that this is kind of your 34.788% - a very different style, and one you do well though nothing was wrong with the other style, but still has You written all over it. Well done.

(it was their best album, anyway)