So I just sent my Valveking 212 off to a better home for it than mine and I am now looking for an amp more suited to me.

I would ideally like a larger version of my Fender Champ. Instead of being a roaring, distorted inferno when playing with a drum set, I would like to be able to get a cleanish sound. Not crystal clean, gritty would be okay, but not distorted.

I've been looking at the Bandmaster (non reverb) because the price is right where I like it. Also have been looking at used 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissues and Vibrolux customs. I've heard bad things about the Vibrolux custom though and that the 65 Deluxe Reverb isn't as powerful as it's vintage counterpart. I've also looked at spending a little more than I want to and getting a ceriatone OTS but I'm not sure the clean channel would be what I want.

I would like to spend as little as 600 but I will go up to 900 or a little higher if need be.

Am I looking in the right direction with the Bandmaster? I would couple it with an OD pedal and hopefully have a nearly clean tone with a set and then gain when I kicked the OD in. Or would the DRRI be enough if I played with my guitar's volume knob? OR should I be looking more in the direction of the ceriatone or even somewhere else?
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willing to go used?

you could pick up a JCA50H and a nice used cab for around 900, or settle for the 20H, which would cost you around 600, closer to what you wanted pricewise.
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